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Volvo 780 – The car the 240 or 740 driver dreamed about


The Volvo 780 in all its glory. This one is from 1990, and in excellent condition. Photo: Johan Åhlund

Behold The Volvo 780. The car that many sensible swedes really yearned for in the late 80´s. Compared to the Volvo 740 and the slightly more refined Volvo 760, the 780 with its italian design was a stunning car. Bertone did a fantastic job refining the rather dull and containerlike design. The shape of the 780 is far from the popular, immortal and dull peoplecarriers known as the Volvo 740 and 760.

The Volvo 780 – No container

Although the body resembles very much of the Volvo 760 it was based on, every single 780 bodypanel was brand new. Park it beside a Volvo 760 or  a 740 and you will surely appreciate the finer more refined and modern lines of the 780. This was a very desireable car when new here. Especially here in Sweden.

Comfortable and with great seats


This was the perfect car for the CEO traveling in style and comfort. Over long distances. The interior is beautiful, and a bit rectangular. The car in this article has a beautiful combination with the red paint and the tan leather interion. Comfortable leather seats, excellent feel in the dashboard and descent room for four. With plenty of luggage

The design imho still looks very stylish and the car seen above is in splendid condition. The ride and performance though did not impress the motorjournalists. When it comes to driving and performance, the 780 did not match the look. It was actually pretty slow.

The luxury came wth a hefty price

The 780 was not that different to drive compared to the 760. Unfortunately the 780 was also almost twice as expensive than the 760. And it used the same 156 hp 2.9 litre V6 engine.

The Volvo 780 deserved a better engine

The V6 powerplant lacked power,  and many Volvofans desperately hoped for a faster turbo version.  Unfortunately, this did not happen. But, ok. Lets be honest. This is not a racer, its a comfort cruiser. 0-100km/h in 11 sec, 185km/h in Vmax. But man, it was and still is an elegant car with a lot of luxury features. It deserved a better, happier and more rewarding engine. Then it would have been a very strong performer. As always Volvo had included all their knowledge in safety in this car. It is built as a brick, and very safe.

A very popular youngtimer

Just 8518 Volvo 780s was made in total. The last model was sold in 1990, then in 1991 came the very loved Volvo 850. In retrospective, the 1993 Volvo 850 Turbo engine with its 2,319 cc, 225 hp and 340NM would have suited the 780 perfectly.

How ever, the 780 is a car with cult status, very loved by their owners. When did you see one on the road?

Photo: Johan Åhlund
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Arden XKR AJ20 Coupe – A very powerful Jaguar

Arden XKR AJ20 Coupe is in many ways the perfect streetcat. Photo by Johan Åhlund

A standard Jaguar XKR isn’t exactly slow. But if you really want to spice it up, you might give Jochen Arden a call. He is very good at making English cars even better. An Arden XKR AJ20 Coupe is the ideal choice if you want to travel with style. It is also sporty in a comfortable way. It’s a rare sight and in a trip to beautiful Stockholm it suddenly appeared in front of me at the boardwalk. This is a delicious Arden XKR AJ20 Coupe. When the car was new, it was the fastest Jaguar ever made. Now it’s quite a lot way faster.

Arden beefs up the engine to 4.5 liter, then fits it with a Eaton supercharger. This results in massive performance. Now, the V8 delivers a mighty 480 horsepower. Even more impressive is it´s torque, 640 Nm at 3850 rp/m. The top speed is 305 km/h and the Arden XKR AJ20 Coupe (very long name) has also got superb acceleration. Zero to 100 km/h, takes just 4.1 seconds.

The Arden XKR is both athletic and powerful

Yes, it DO look nice even from behind. Epecially when parked in sunny Stockholm. Photo by Johan Åhlund

The outside also matches the performance, and with Arden´s aerodynamic design in combination with upgraded suspension and a sportier exhaust system, the XKR will be great to drive. It also has a refined body kit with discrete styling that makes the car look even lower. 21″ rims gives the car a wider stance and meaner look. The XKR did also sound as good as it looks. Not bad.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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