At least five teams ready for the STCC in 2017

This is Swedish racing driver Tomas Engström putting the pedal to the metal in a very fast Honda Civic, back in 2012 at Mantorp circuit in Sweden. I’m looking forward seeing at least one Honda on the grid! Photo by Johan Åhlund

The cars will be TCR-cars, and hopefully it will be more cars on the grid than before. Last year was not the finest moment in Swedish racing history. Don’t get me wrong, the racing was great, the drivers phenomenal, and we have some great tracks here. But we need larger grids, and cheaper cars that do not cost an arm and a leg to run. Last year there were way too few cars competing. At Falkenberg racetrack I watched a race with just five cars finishing (ok there was some carnage, but what the heck). That has got to change; otherwise the audience will stay at home.

The former STCC cars were extremely expensive, it’s very important that the new cars will be cheaper to run and maintain. If there are less cars racing next year, the sport will lose its attraction to many fans. Fortunately the former STCC-cars will race in the GT-series.

SEAT Leon TCR during the first shakedown. It sounded fantastic and looked quite fast. Photo : Johan Åhlund

Lets hope for several new teams in the STCC this year

In May, I visited the Mantorp Park circuit at a sports car event and watched the testing of the new Seat Leon TCR-car. Man, it did sound awesome. And it seems to behave very well on the soaked track. I was actually surprised by the performance and sound, it did look fast and I imagined in my mind a starting grid with a bunch of other cars like it. That would be great to watch.

This is the new Volkswagen Golf TCR, a car that will be driven by at least two teams in the STCC next year. Photo: Lestrup Racing Team.

When im writing this, only five teams are presented for 2017. That is alarmingly few. However, STCC driver Markus Annervi just signed on to run a Honda Civic TCR, and Greger Petersson, head at Sportpromotion just said to that he has two more JAS-built Honda Civics available for other drivers to rent. PWR Racing Team will run at least two Seat Leon cars. LMS Racing will enter with the Audi RS3 TCR, and Fredrik Lestrup at Lestrup Racing Team and Experion Racing Team will race join the others in the very popular VW Golf TCR.

It sure will be exciting to see how many cars will be joining the grid on Ring Knutstorp the fourth of May. Hopefully the grid will hold at least 12 cars, that would be great. More info as always on STCC.SE.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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