Fiat 126 – with a Yamaha R1 engine…

An amazing car, this little Fiat 126. Far from standard and with a mighty power to weight ratio. Photo: Johan Åhlund

Have a look at this little wonder. It used to be a sleepy little Polski Fiat 126. The original Fiat 126 had a 594 cc engine with 23 horsepower. Weighing in at a mere 580 kilo, and only measuring a tiny 3,05 meter in total length it was a delight to drive in the city. But it was not very quick. However, this Fiat 126 pictured in this article is. It´s an amazing build. Its also in my Instagramfeed @carsandbullshit

This little Fiat 126 packs quite a punch

In the rear, it has a very potent motorcycle engine. Builds like these is quite popular, and you can sometimes find Minis or Fiats with engines from fast bikes. The Suzuki Hayabusa, is a popular engine to fit in small cars for example. In this car rests a Yamaha R1 engine, and it has 150 horsepower. Yes, that might not sound that much, but bear in mind that this is a very small car. And it is also put on a diet. This results in the same power to weight ratio as an Audi R8.

It is really quite cute, and the sound is amazing. Photo: Johan Åhlund

Performance will be staggering, and with just 3,3 horsepower per kilo you better believe this car moves pretty fast. And it also sounds great when the engine is allowed to work. Yes, I would like to have a got in it.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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