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Singer Porsche 911 – You know you want one!

Singer Porsche 911 Rock Island

The Singer Porsche 911 Rock Island – Photo by Singer Vechile Design

The Singer Porsche has 390HP and goes 0-60 in 3,3 seconds

The cars built by Singer is definately something else. With stunning looks, custom built with the intent to live up to the higest of expectations they are the dream for many speedfreaks. And yes, they are fast too.

The one pictured in this article is called Rock Island, and in my humble opinion one of the best looking Porches Singer Vechile Design has built. That says a whole lot.

Singer Vechile Design Porsche 911 Rock Island

The classic 911 design has probably ever looked this good. What a car.

State of the art performance

There are currently three engines available, hand-built with state of the art components. The “base” one is a 3.8-liter kicking out 300HP. Then there is another 3.8 developed with Cosworth, with slightly higher power at 350HP. This engine is descibed by Singer as “a wonderful compromise between a high-revving, high horsepower Porsche racing engine and a torque rich, tractabledurable engine for the road“.

Then we have the jewel, the 4.0 liter engine developed by Ed Pink Racing. This is said to be the finest normally aspirated flat six engine ever made. With 390HP and a redline of 7.200 RPM, this technological and charismatic marvel of an engine makes the lightweight and agile Singer 911 a seriously fast car. According to Singer it will hit 0-60mph in under 3,3 seconds and 0-100mph in just 8,2 seconds. Thats darn impressive from a car with less than 400HP.

Singer Porsche 911 Rock Island

The stunning Singer Porsche 911 in full speed

Rob Dickinson and his team has been working extremely hard during the last eight years, and the results speaks for themseleves. The company keywords are Restored, Reimagined and Reborn, then they turn everything up to eleven.

This Singer Porsche could very well be the ultimate 911

Every detail is perfectly crafted, just look at those hips. Those wide tires, the dual mid exhaust and the modern lights. If it looks this good on the internet, i will probably be an amazing sight roaming down the highway. And that sound. Oh man. Many petrolheads has called the cars made by Singer the ultimate 911. I agree. Just look at the cars they have made.

Surely you will visit Singer Vechile Design for more awesome builds and beautiful photos.
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Porsche 911T RSR recreation – The orange eye catcher

This is a Porsche 911T from 1969. It has the look of a classic Carrera RSR. Photo: Johan Åhlund

Yes, this orange stunning car definitely draws people’s attention at the classic car show at Mantorp last year. It’s a gorgeous car. With very brutal design.

The ducktail and the Carrera striping in combination with the dope body kit and brutal wheels makes it hard to believe that this actually is a Porsche 911T from 1969. A car launched in 1967 that replaced the 912 and introduced as the new entry level Porsche. The 911T is not a powerhouse, but the little two liter engine with its puny 110 horsepower has both the right sound and character.

And it’s faster than you might think. Bear in mind that the little car only weighs 1070 kilo, the car accelerates from 0-60 in just 8,3 seconds (according to This is impressive, and flat out it will do 124 mph (199,5 km/h). Pretty nice, right?

From a distance this car looks like half a million. And many visitors flocked around it, admiring it with eyes big as dinner plates. This car is definitely an eye catcher!

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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Porsche 911 ST – Scuderia Falkenbergs blue dream

The blue 1971 Porsche 911 ST ready to enter the pitlane. Photo: Johan Åhlund

Take a look at this very nice 1971 Porsche 911 ST racecar. On the racetrack this is a very agile and competitive car, ready to take on its competition. The photo is taken at the Falkenberg Classics, Sweden’s own little Goodwood Festival of speed.

This car is homage to the very famous Porsche 911 ST, a very rare car. According to Scuderia Falkenberg who owns the car Porsche only built 20 of these fantastic cars and this one is painted in Porsches own pastel blue.

The engine is built by the Swedish Porsche legend Bo Strandell and has been tuned to perfection. And it sounded and worked perfectly under the race. It has the nice original Fuchs wheels and Michelin tires.

Scuderia Falkenbergs little blue dream in game mode in the chicane at Falkenberg racetrack. Photo: Johan Åhlund

Compared to the original Porsche 911, the 911 ST was put on a nasty diet. Thinner gauge steel was used and customers could spec the car with Plexiglas windows and aluminum doors, making it very light. In the back you would find a wonderful 2.3 liter flat six with a triple-choke Weber carburetor delivering 230 horsepower. Not bad considering that the lightest cars only weighed in at just 840 kilos.

The car was also available with a larger 2,5 liter engine, with 270 bhp. Swedish rally legend Björn Waldegård drove a 2,5 liter 911 ST in several rally’s and won the Swedish Rally in 1968. He also won The Monte Carlo Rally in both 1969 and 1970. Very impressive, and with 270 horsepower on just 840 kilos the car is pure dynamite.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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Lars-Bertil Rantzow returns to the Porsche Carrera Cup

Lars-Bertil Rantzow just signed the deal to run a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup in the Swedish Porsche Carrera Cup Championship this year. Photo : Johan Åhlund

The Swedish Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia is a very popular championship. It has got a lot of cars on the grid and this year several new drivers join the grid. Lars-Bertil Rantzow is no stranger to racing. He has driven Porsche´s for years and makes a comeback this year. Great news for the series.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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Porsche 911 GT3 RS – It´s a wrap!

In to the pitlane after some agressive driving in the rain. Photo by Johan Åhlund

A standard Porsche 911 GT3 RS is not a boring car to look at. But this car has been given a very nice wrapping (designed by Skepple INC) by Swedish company Wrapzone. The patinated livery in the classic Martini Racing, with rust and scratches looks quite amazing.

Push it to the limit, the GT3 RS can take it

Ready to enter the main straight at Mantorp Park. Hard on the breaks, than floor it. Photo by Johan Åhlund

The owner, Henrik really pushed it to the limit on the Mantorp Park circuit at the annual track day arranged by Autolife. Unfortunately the rain poured down, but the drivers did not care at all.

The 500 horses from its very impressive, naturally aspirated 4.0 liter engine give this “Internet celebrity ” Porsche ballistic performance. 0-100 km/h on 3,3 seconds, and 310 km/h flat out.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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Porsche Carrera GT – Man, it was fast

One of the first Porsche Carrera GT´s in Sweden. Photo by Johan Åhlund

The very same day that I was having lunch at Arlanda Motor City, this beauty was rolled out from a large trailer. Porsche had really nailed it when it comes to performance with this, the mighty Porsche Carrera GT. Definitely nor the most beautiful Porsche, but it sure hauled ass. 0-100 km/h took just 3,9 seconds and its V10 delivered 612 horsepower. And, yes. It’s really expensive nowadays.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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Porsche 911R – Den ultimata körmaskinen?

porsche-911r_2Jösses, det verkar som om Porsche slagit huvudet på spiken ytterligare en gång. Nu har man nämligen lastat ner den ylande och mycket potenta motorn från Porsche GT3 RS i en lättad 911-kaross och dessutom kastat ut dubbelkopplingslådan och satt dit en manuell tätstegad sexväxlad låda. Den nya skapelsen får namnet Porsche 911R. Modellen är rena lyckopillret för Porscheälskare som vill köra bil aktivt med mesta möjliga körkänsla.

Läcker hyllning till 1969 års klassiker

porsche-911rPorsche 911R ska ses som en hyllning till 1969 års 911R och lita på att den nya versionen kommer att sätta leenden på ägarnas ansikten. Boxermotorn är som sagt på fyra liter utan överladdning och ger 500 hästar. Vridmomentet ligger på 460 Nm vid 6250 rp/m. Varvvillig lär den också vara då maxeffekten hittas först vid 8250 rp/m. Då lär den låta helt fantastiskt.

Den lättade karossen har en hel del detaljer i kolfiber, taket är gjort av magnesium och de tjusiga 20 tumsfälgarna är smidda i aluminium med centrumbult. Avgassystemet är gjort av titan och för att spara ytterligare kilon har man rationaliserat bort bjäfs som luftkonditionering, stereo och baksäten men också hälften av all ljudisolering. Som i de värsta modellerna finns inte ens dörrhandtag på insidan, sänt väger och istället finns läderflärpar att dra igen den lätta dörren med. Rejsigt så det förslår.

Porsche 911R har kalasfina prestanda

Detta ser till att Porsche 911R väger in på ca 1370 kilo. Med 500 hästar ovanför bakhjulen ger detta kalasfina 2,7 kg per hästkraft i vikt/effektförhållande. Slår man ut detta betyder det att 911R har bättre vikt/effektsiffror än självaste GT3 RS. Porsche själva säger att bilen lätt ska klara 321 km/h och fixa sprinten till 100 km/h på 3,7 sekunder.

Rejäl effekt kräver rejäla bromsar, det har Porsche 911R

På en så här snabb bil gäller det att ha bra bromsar. Porsches effektiva men kostsamma keramiska bromsar är väl tilltagna och ser till att bilen stannar kusligt effektivt. Däckdimensionerna är maffiga med 245:or fram och stöddiga 305:or bak.

Exteriört är Porsche 911R en flirt till sin föregångare och den ser riktigt läcker ut med gott om detaljer att titta närmare på. Faktum är att det här i mitt tycke är en av de vackraste bilar som Porsche tillverkar på mycket länge. Blott 991 exemplar ska tillverkas och det gäller att sno på om man ska hinna få en egen! Läs mer på Porsches egen specialsajt om just Porsche 911R. Du läser mer om Porsche här på

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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Meanie 2.0T – This might be the perfect performance Mini

meanie 2.0t

Ok, I will admit it right away. The photos taken by Meanie themselves used in this article is not the sexiest. The car seem brilliant though. And it must be a blast to drive.

Hi there. As you know, a lot of todays sportscars is superfast and very expensive. Modern cars, with exotic lightweight materials, advanced aerodynamics and potent engines is available from a number of both legendary and innovative manufactors. But not all of these cars delivers that instant feel of joy that excites you and makes you feel truly enlightened while driving.

There is definately a market for lightweight, more sensible and affordable drivers cars. And Im not talking about Porsche Caymans, Alpine A110 or the Alfa Romeo 4c. There are others out there, and one that I really would like to drive is the Meanie 2.0.

The Meanie is small and very agile

Ok, I love small and agile light cars. The classic Mini is no exception. The early ones looks sensational. And boy do they fly through tight corners at a racetrack. The Meanie 2.0 is perhaps not the most beautiful Mini ever made, but its quite discreet. And that suits me just fine.

meanie 2.0t

2 liter turbo, 6-speed manual and 220 hp…

Under the bonnet sits a directly injected straight four-cylinder engine with turbocharger and two-litre displacement. The origin of the engine is unknown so far, but it packs quite a punch. How about 220 hp at 5,800 rpm and 340 Nm at 3,700 rpm? Delivered through a manual 6-speed with an H shift pattern. Still not impressed?

At 847 kg a Meanie is 504 kg lighter than a Golf Gti

Here is the fun part. The Meanie 2.0 is feather light. Weighing in at just 847 kilos. That is 504 kilos lighter than a Golf Gti with the same power outoput. The Meanie can do 0-100 km/h in under 4 seconds. With according to Meanie themselves awesome traction and handling. That must be fun.

One early version had a top speed of 240 km/h, ut to make the car a bit more sane they electronically decreased the top speed to 200 km/h. Probably a smart move. The zero to 100 km/h must feel amazing in such a small car. Perhaps this is the pure drivers car many enthusiasts have been looking for.

It would be very interesting watching the Meanie 2.0 perform on a racetrack. I quess this car is the definition of a pocket rocket. Yes, i want one. Bad. Still no clips on YouTube yet though.

Text : Johan Åhlund – Photo :

Saab Sonett II 1967 – Two-stroke heaven

Hans is ready to race. The Saab Sonett II is a very small car and it looks amazing. I took this photo at the line-up at Falkenberg Classic after a brief talk to Hans about his little racer. Photo by Johan Åhlund

Sweden has several classic car events, and the Falkenberg Classics is considered to be Sweden’s own Goodwood Festival of Speed. A couple of hundred classic cars raced each other on the short and fast racetrack. Last year was as usual very sunny and had a lot of spectacular cars, both on track and in the exhibition area.

Saab Sonett II is a rare car, Saab only made 258 in 1967

One of the nicer cars on the grid is driven by Hans Eklund. Hans is very fond of Saab cars, owns several classic models and is an experienced driver who has been racing for more than 25 years. Hans is running a 1967 red Saab Sonett II. It’s a rare car, Saab only made 258 Sonnet’s in 1967.

The Saab Sonett II in full speed at the straight at Falkenberg racetrack. The 850cc roars like crazy and the audience is cheering in the perfect weather. Photo by Johan Åhlund

Under the bonnet sits the legendary great sounding 60 horsepower three cylinder 841 cc Saab two-stroke engine. Famous from the Saab Sport (also known as the Gran Turismo 850 or the 850 Monte Carlo), the sound this little engine makes when driven hard is remarkable.

Ok, let’s be honest, The Saab Sonett II with the two-stroke engine is not a very fast car. However, like many other classic Saabs it is very fun to drive. Weighing in at 780 kilo (fiber-glass body), the 60 horsepower engine resulted in 0-100 km/h in 12,5 seconds. If you went flat-out you might reach 160 km/h, according to the beautiful Saab press-kit. I wonder how fast a Saab Sonett fitted with the engine from a Volvo Amazon 123 GT (1,8 liter, with 115 horsepower) would be.

The Saab Sonett II has a very nice interior. The dashboard is covered in wood veneer and has very stylish dials from VDO. Photo by Johan Åhlund

The Sonett was most expensive Saab that you could buy

Back in 1967 it was rather expensive; it was actually the most expensive Saab that you could buy. Fortunately it was also, by far the most beautiful. It came with bucket seats, leather steering wheel, had a dashboard in mahogany plywood with very nice designed gauges from VDO, and also a built in roll-bar. Remember, Saab is Swedish and has a tradition of building safe cars.

Compared to later Sonnet’s the engine was quite easy to reach with the front hood section hinged forward. You just flipped it up and then you could easily access the little gem.

Hans in gaining speed as he is heading for the long straight at Mantorp Park. The little Saab is chased by a big Chevrolet Camaro, so far its ahead. Photo by Johan Åhlund

At a different race at Mantorp Park there were a lot of other cars at the track and it was a pure joy to see the little Saab Sonett being chased by Chevrolet Camaros, Porsche 912: s and other monsters.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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