Volvo 780 – The car the 240 or 740 driver dreamed about


The Volvo 780 in all its glory. This one is from 1990, and in excellent condition. Photo: Johan Åhlund

Behold The Volvo 780. The car that many sensible swedes really yearned for in the late 80´s. Compared to the Volvo 740 and the slightly more refined Volvo 760, the 780 with its italian design was a stunning car. Bertone did a fantastic job refining the rather dull and containerlike design. The shape of the 780 is far from the popular, immortal and dull peoplecarriers known as the Volvo 740 and 760.

The Volvo 780 – No container

Although the body resembles very much of the Volvo 760 it was based on, every single 780 bodypanel was brand new. Park it beside a Volvo 760 or  a 740 and you will surely appreciate the finer more refined and modern lines of the 780. This was a very desireable car when new here. Especially here in Sweden.

Comfortable and with great seats


This was the perfect car for the CEO traveling in style and comfort. Over long distances. The interior is beautiful, and a bit rectangular. The car in this article has a beautiful combination with the red paint and the tan leather interion. Comfortable leather seats, excellent feel in the dashboard and descent room for four. With plenty of luggage

The design imho still looks very stylish and the car seen above is in splendid condition. The ride and performance though did not impress the motorjournalists. When it comes to driving and performance, the 780 did not match the look. It was actually pretty slow.

The luxury came wth a hefty price

The 780 was not that different to drive compared to the 760. Unfortunately the 780 was also almost twice as expensive than the 760. And it used the same 156 hp 2.9 litre V6 engine.

The Volvo 780 deserved a better engine

The V6 powerplant lacked power,  and many Volvofans desperately hoped for a faster turbo version.  Unfortunately, this did not happen. But, ok. Lets be honest. This is not a racer, its a comfort cruiser. 0-100km/h in 11 sec, 185km/h in Vmax. But man, it was and still is an elegant car with a lot of luxury features. It deserved a better, happier and more rewarding engine. Then it would have been a very strong performer. As always Volvo had included all their knowledge in safety in this car. It is built as a brick, and very safe.

A very popular youngtimer

Just 8518 Volvo 780s was made in total. The last model was sold in 1990, then in 1991 came the very loved Volvo 850. In retrospective, the 1993 Volvo 850 Turbo engine with its 2,319 cc, 225 hp and 340NM would have suited the 780 perfectly.

How ever, the 780 is a car with cult status, very loved by their owners. When did you see one on the road?

Photo: Johan Åhlund
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The joy of racing – Photos from the STCC by Johan Åhlund

I just went through some folders in my racing-catalog on my harddrive. These photos is taken in the last five years by me, on the swedish racetracks, and hopefully i will post them and write some more copy on them when i got more time.

Swedish Formula 1 legend and pro racediver Stefan Lill Lövis Johansson at Mantorp Park racetrack. It aint often im startstruck, but this guy. Man, does he has some stories to tell. I made a short interview and took some nice pics.

A diversified parc ferme after a very actionpacked race in the STCC-championship at Mantorp Park. Audi, Seat and BMW fought hard on the track.

Happy drivers at Polestar after Thed Björk won the championship. From left: Champion Thed Björk, Fredrik Ekblom, Carl Philip Bernadotte, Linus Ohlsson and Robert Dahlgren. Man, these were happy guys and very easy to interview after their celebration. A very nice day.

Daniel Haglöf and one of his many devoted fans. Always a gentleman, and very easygoing. And for sure a very talented driver.

The West Coast Racing line up in the pitlane at Mantorp. Teamowner and boss extraordinaire Dick Jönsson Wigroth enjoyed the formation after a impressive qualification.

Sheer joy and so much happiness and love in this picture. I stood on my knees on the tarmac as the Thed Björk entered the pitlane in his blue Polestar Volvo and stopped right in front of my lens. Fantastic race, and a lot of partying and celebration after the interviews. A great racing moment.

Tommy Rustad beeing interviewd after a tough race in Polestars wickedly fast little C30. This guy is quite unbelievable, very fast, confident and often (note while racing though) very calm and nice to talk to.

Pure motivation. This is probably one of my favorite pictures. Richard Göransson has just put on his helmet. He has spoken to his race mechanic and is given the proper handshake before entering his car. Fully concentrated, the adrenalin is starting to pump. 30 seconds later he is out for a seriously fast lap at Anderstorp Raceway.

STCC 2015 – Awesome race and many overtakes

Throwback to the nightrace in STCC at Mantorp Park in 2015. Always exciting racing with fast pace and lots of action. Erik Johansson’s BMW spun, but got running again. Daniel Haglöf in the black Saab is flooring it. Photo: Johan Åhlund.

Chevrolet Camaro – The second generation from 1972

Pro touring at its best. This 1972 Chevrolet Camaro looked amazing

Yay or nay on this swedish 1972 second gen Chevrolet Camaro? It sure got a lot of attention at Powermeet. If you like it – Share it Photo: Johan Åhlund

The fantastic Dodge A100 van

I have always liked these small cool american pickup trucks and vans. The Dodge A100 is seriously good-looking. Stunning little car. I’d gladly have a late one with the 318 V8.

Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge – Still gorgeous and very fast

This is Gisle Valen in full speed at the Mantorp Park straight. Photo: Johan Åhlund

This rosso corsa Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge driven by Gisle Valen did sound glorious while hauling ass at Mantorp Park in 2013. Great weather, nice cars and awesome organisation made my day. Photo: Johan Åhlund

Porsche 911 ST – Scuderia Falkenbergs blue dream

The blue 1971 Porsche 911 ST ready to enter the pitlane. Photo: Johan Åhlund

Take a look at this very nice 1971 Porsche 911 ST racecar. On the racetrack this is a very agile and competitive car, ready to take on its competition. The photo is taken at the Falkenberg Classics, Sweden’s own little Goodwood Festival of speed.

This car is homage to the very famous Porsche 911 ST, a very rare car. According to Scuderia Falkenberg who owns the car Porsche only built 20 of these fantastic cars and this one is painted in Porsches own pastel blue.

The engine is built by the Swedish Porsche legend Bo Strandell and has been tuned to perfection. And it sounded and worked perfectly under the race. It has the nice original Fuchs wheels and Michelin tires.

Scuderia Falkenbergs little blue dream in game mode in the chicane at Falkenberg racetrack. Photo: Johan Åhlund

Compared to the original Porsche 911, the 911 ST was put on a nasty diet. Thinner gauge steel was used and customers could spec the car with Plexiglas windows and aluminum doors, making it very light. In the back you would find a wonderful 2.3 liter flat six with a triple-choke Weber carburetor delivering 230 horsepower. Not bad considering that the lightest cars only weighed in at just 840 kilos.

The car was also available with a larger 2,5 liter engine, with 270 bhp. Swedish rally legend Björn Waldegård drove a 2,5 liter 911 ST in several rally’s and won the Swedish Rally in 1968. He also won The Monte Carlo Rally in both 1969 and 1970. Very impressive, and with 270 horsepower on just 840 kilos the car is pure dynamite.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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Victory Motorcycles just got axed

Another great looking Victory you bet it got a lot of attention at MC-mässan in Stockholm. Photo by Johan Åhlund

Let’s just sort this under bikesandbullshit should we? Well, this is a damned shame. Iowa-based Victory Motorcycles is now history. During the last 18 years Victory has made several thrilling motorcycles. But the owner, Polaris has now decided to terminate Victory. They will instead focus on their other motorcycle brand, Indian (remember the Indian Scout from 1920?).

The Victory Hammer at Mc-mässan in Stockholm. Photo by Johan Åhlund

I did really like the looks of Victory motorcycles, beautiful design, high quality, mighty sounding engines and lots of attitude. Models like the Hammer, the Eightball and the Judge are seriously cool.

Victory Motorcycles will be missed by their fans

This is one of the first Victory Motorcycles that entered Swedish soil. And man, it is gorgeous. Photo by Johan Åhlund

But as a matter of fact, I was quite surprised when I read the bad news. Ok, the company has struggled hard to establish the market share needed to be a profitable maker, but I did not thing it was going to be shut down.

That’s too bad, because their bikes were really something special. Certainly not good news for bike fans, and unfortunately the motorcycle business seems to be very unstable right now.

Let’s remember the great Victory bikes and hope for a better future. I will miss them. Perhaps it is time to order one, or just pay your respect and visit the Victory homepage.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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