STCC 2015 – Awesome race and many overtakes

Throwback to the nightrace in STCC at Mantorp Park in 2015. Always exciting racing with fast pace and lots of action. Erik Johansson’s BMW spun, but got running again. Daniel Haglöf in the black Saab is flooring it. Photo: Johan Åhlund.

Dodge Charger 440 Magnum – American power from 1972

A very nice orange 1972 Dodge Charger 440 Magnum passing by the lens. Man, I really like these classic musclecars. Just look at that scoop, and that awesome paint. Spectacular. Like it? Then share it! Photo: Johan Åhlund

Chevrolet Camaro – The second generation from 1972

Pro touring at its best. This 1972 Chevrolet Camaro looked amazing

Yay or nay on this swedish 1972 second gen Chevrolet Camaro? It sure got a lot of attention at Powermeet. If you like it – Share it Photo: Johan Åhlund

Ford Mustang gt by Roush

This Swedish Roush Mustang GT sounds as good as it looks. V8 power and loads of extras makes it a seriously cool car.

The fantastic Dodge A100 van

I have always liked these small cool american pickup trucks and vans. The Dodge A100 is seriously good-looking. Stunning little car. I’d gladly have a late one with the 318 V8.

AMC Javelin – Micael goes full throttle

The Swedish AMC Javelin SST driven in full speed by Micael Sundin in full speed at Falkenberg Racetrack.

The 390 cid 6.4 litre Go Package V8 purrs like cat. Photo: Johan Åhlund

What kind of car is this beast?

Hi guys. Can you please help me find out what kind of car this is? I spotted this very cool car in Sweden two years ago. It passed by me quickly and this is the only shot I got. It’s British, but what kind of car is it? HELP… I’ll tag some major carinstagrammers here so perhaps we will get some answers. Photo: Johan Åhlund

Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge – Still gorgeous and very fast

This is Gisle Valen in full speed at the Mantorp Park straight. Photo: Johan Åhlund

This rosso corsa Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge driven by Gisle Valen did sound glorious while hauling ass at Mantorp Park in 2013. Great weather, nice cars and awesome organisation made my day. Photo: Johan Åhlund

McLaren F1 – Andy takes it to 391 km/h

This is still, after 25 years an amazing performance. Seven minutes of absolutely brilliance, when Andy Wallace hit 391 km/h in the street legal McLaren F1.

391 km/h with 670 horsepower, that is still sensational. What a speed run. Gordon Murray did what no one else could, creating this absolute gem of a car.