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Singer Porsche 911 – You know you want one!

Singer Porsche 911 Rock Island

The Singer Porsche 911 Rock Island – Photo by Singer Vechile Design

The Singer Porsche has 390HP and goes 0-60 in 3,3 seconds

The cars built by Singer is definately something else. With stunning looks, custom built with the intent to live up to the higest of expectations they are the dream for many speedfreaks. And yes, they are fast too.

The one pictured in this article is called Rock Island, and in my humble opinion one of the best looking Porches Singer Vechile Design has built. That says a whole lot.

Singer Vechile Design Porsche 911 Rock Island

The classic 911 design has probably ever looked this good. What a car.

State of the art performance

There are currently three engines available, hand-built with state of the art components. The “base” one is a 3.8-liter kicking out 300HP. Then there is another 3.8 developed with Cosworth, with slightly higher power at 350HP. This engine is descibed by Singer as “a wonderful compromise between a high-revving, high horsepower Porsche racing engine and a torque rich, tractabledurable engine for the road“.

Then we have the jewel, the 4.0 liter engine developed by Ed Pink Racing. This is said to be the finest normally aspirated flat six engine ever made. With 390HP and a redline of 7.200 RPM, this technological and charismatic marvel of an engine makes the lightweight and agile Singer 911 a seriously fast car. According to Singer it will hit 0-60mph in under 3,3 seconds and 0-100mph in just 8,2 seconds. Thats darn impressive from a car with less than 400HP.

Singer Porsche 911 Rock Island

The stunning Singer Porsche 911 in full speed

Rob Dickinson and his team has been working extremely hard during the last eight years, and the results speaks for themseleves. The company keywords are Restored, Reimagined and Reborn, then they turn everything up to eleven.

This Singer Porsche could very well be the ultimate 911

Every detail is perfectly crafted, just look at those hips. Those wide tires, the dual mid exhaust and the modern lights. If it looks this good on the internet, i will probably be an amazing sight roaming down the highway. And that sound. Oh man. Many petrolheads has called the cars made by Singer the ultimate 911. I agree. Just look at the cars they have made.

Surely you will visit Singer Vechile Design for more awesome builds and beautiful photos.
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Porsche 911T RSR recreation – The orange eye catcher

This is a Porsche 911T from 1969. It has the look of a classic Carrera RSR. Photo: Johan Åhlund

Yes, this orange stunning car definitely draws people’s attention at the classic car show at Mantorp last year. It’s a gorgeous car. With very brutal design.

The ducktail and the Carrera striping in combination with the dope body kit and brutal wheels makes it hard to believe that this actually is a Porsche 911T from 1969. A car launched in 1967 that replaced the 912 and introduced as the new entry level Porsche. The 911T is not a powerhouse, but the little two liter engine with its puny 110 horsepower has both the right sound and character.

And it’s faster than you might think. Bear in mind that the little car only weighs 1070 kilo, the car accelerates from 0-60 in just 8,3 seconds (according to 356-911.com). This is impressive, and flat out it will do 124 mph (199,5 km/h). Pretty nice, right?

From a distance this car looks like half a million. And many visitors flocked around it, admiring it with eyes big as dinner plates. This car is definitely an eye catcher!

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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