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Meanie 2.0T – This might be the perfect performance Mini

meanie 2.0t

Ok, I will admit it right away. The photos taken by Meanie themselves used in this article is not the sexiest. The car seem brilliant though. And it must be a blast to drive.

Hi there. As you know, a lot of todays sportscars is superfast and very expensive. Modern cars, with exotic lightweight materials, advanced aerodynamics and potent engines is available from a number of both legendary and innovative manufactors. But not all of these cars delivers that instant feel of joy that excites you and makes you feel truly enlightened while driving.

There is definately a market for lightweight, more sensible and affordable drivers cars. And Im not talking about Porsche Caymans, Alpine A110 or the Alfa Romeo 4c. There are others out there, and one that I really would like to drive is the Meanie 2.0.

The Meanie is small and very agile

Ok, I love small and agile light cars. The classic Mini is no exception. The early ones looks sensational. And boy do they fly through tight corners at a racetrack. The Meanie 2.0 is perhaps not the most beautiful Mini ever made, but its quite discreet. And that suits me just fine.

meanie 2.0t

2 liter turbo, 6-speed manual and 220 hp…

Under the bonnet sits a directly injected straight four-cylinder engine with turbocharger and two-litre displacement. The origin of the engine is unknown so far, but it packs quite a punch. How about 220 hp at 5,800 rpm and 340 Nm at 3,700 rpm? Delivered through a manual 6-speed with an H shift pattern. Still not impressed?

At 847 kg a Meanie is 504 kg lighter than a Golf Gti

Here is the fun part. The Meanie 2.0 is feather light. Weighing in at just 847 kilos. That is 504 kilos lighter than a Golf Gti with the same power outoput. The Meanie can do 0-100 km/h in under 4 seconds. With according to Meanie themselves awesome traction and handling. That must be fun.

One early version had a top speed of 240 km/h, ut to make the car a bit more sane they electronically decreased the top speed to 200 km/h. Probably a smart move. The zero to 100 km/h must feel amazing in such a small car. Perhaps this is the pure drivers car many enthusiasts have been looking for.

It would be very interesting watching the Meanie 2.0 perform on a racetrack. I quess this car is the definition of a pocket rocket. Yes, i want one. Bad. Still no clips on YouTube yet though.

Text : Johan Åhlund – Photo : Meanie.ch

Lamborghini Aventador ”Las Americas” by DMC

Man, this was really something special. A Lamborghini Aventador is a stunning car, but this one has been spoilt with Forgiato Wheels and a Fie Exhaust making a great car even greater. This is the DMC Edizione GT Lamborghini Aventador Las Americas. Just look at it.

The massive V12 has been given a lot of TLC. DMC did manage to bolt on a twinturbo bumping the power up to an impressive 988Hp. Its also quite light, and with the serious amont of carbon fibre used on its sexy body this Lamborghini Aventador really flies when put in crazy mode. Just look at it. Its awesome. The perfect Aventador?

Nissan Figaro – Quite small and quite cool when modded

I have a quite a soft spot for these japanese retro looking cars. Unfortunately they are a very rare sight here in Sweden and if Im lucky i might see one, once a year or so.

The Nissan Figaro is a two-door 2+2 retro-styled fixed-profile convertible manufactured by Nissan for model year 1991, and originally marketed solely in Japan at their Nissan Cherry Stores.

There is a handful Nissan Figaros rolling around here in Sweden. When you see the very nifty and cool Nissan Figaro in the video above, perhaps you too will get fond of it? I think they are both cute and cool.

The Figaro is just 3,7 meters long and weighs 810 kg. Not featherlight, but then its not a kei-car. Just a small, beautiful car powered by a 970cc turbo engine with 77Hp. That makes the car ready for 171 km/h in very good fashion. Yeah, the orange Nissan Figaro in the video looks stunning.

Ferrari 308 by ATS Racing – Turbo and 570 hp…

Oh man this Ferrari 308 Turbo is one heck of a build. Some might say its sacrilegious modding a classic Ferrari 308, but when its done right, like this one built by ATS Racing then it is a glorious sight. And sound.

What we got here is a blue 1978 Ferrari 308, thats been upgraded with an awesome engine built by parts from a handful of other Ferrari models. Then ATS added a single turbo with a custom made intercooler, beefed up the suspension, upgraded the brakes and added sticky tires.

To add to the design, the front was blessed with fog lights, making it look a bit like the Ferrari 288 GTO. Lets just say that this one looks as good as the engine sounds. Power? 570HP, at the wheels. Thats slightly more than the 255hp stock engine…

Want to know some more, visit ATS Racing and have a look at Mason Bleadsell´s photos on this blue spaceship. More Ferraris on CarsAndBullshit.

Saab 9-5 SportCombi – The last Saab

The ultra rare Saab 9-5 SportCombi. One of just 27 cars made. Photo by Johan Åhlund

Well, this is the second post in a row on cars made by Saab. This is one of their absolute most anticipated cars, a car that many customers really wanted Saab to build.

Behold the Saab 9-5 Sportcombi. A station wagon (or in Swedish: a combi) with a lot of room. The last model Saab ever built before going bust in 2012.

The SportCombi is ultra rare – only 27 exists

The 9-5 was a beautiful car, and the SportCombi in Arctic White pictured here did not disappoint. I took theses photos at Mantorp Park racetrack at a trackday. This car is a Saab 9-5 SportCombi TTiD4 XWD Vector with 190hp. It is owned by Combitech and resides at The Saab Museum in Trollhättan. At the trackday, it sure did draw a lot of attention. Actually, several persons I spoke to really wanted this car. They absolutely loved it.

It’s a shame really, that Saab only builds 27 of this very nice model. It definitely deserved better. The Saab 9-5 SportCombi has the Saab quality, Swedish design, top notch safety and very nice engines under the bonnet. But, unfortunately they are rare as they come. The Saab 9-5 SportCombi is now a collector’s item, and is rarely seen in the classifieds.

The Arctic white Saab 9-5 SportCombi TTiD4 XWD Vector with 190hp. Photo by Johan Åhlund

The 9-5 SportCombi came with several engines. You could choose between diesel, ethanol and petrol. The most potent version had a 2.8 liter V6 turbo, delivering 300 horsepower. The two-liter turbocharged inline-four with 220 horsepower seems to be the clever choice for most people. All 9-5 had Saab´s XWD all-wheel drive as standard.

It is a big car, 501 centimeters in length. The cabin is light, with wonderful seats, several nice features and it’s perfect for long journeys. The cargo space swallows 56 cubic feet of luggage with the back seats folded.

The SportCombi has nice Performance

The top of the line model had the 2,8 liter turbocharged V6. The 300 horsepower power plant combined with Saab´s XWD was effective. It did the sprint 0-60 in 6,9 seconds and had a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). The 2.0T BioPower with 220 horsepower was no slouch either with 7,9 seconds 0-60 and a top speed of 240 km/h (150 mph).

The car in these pictures has 190 hp (142 kW; 193 PS) at 4000 rpm. It scores 400 Nn of torque at 1750 rpm, accelerates from 0-60 in 8.8 seconds and can do 230 km/h (140 mph) flat out. Remember these were big cars weighing almost 2100 kilos.

Want to see one? Well then you can visit Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan, Sweden. There are many interesting Saab´s in stunning condition to admire, if you care to visit.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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Porsche 911 GT3 RS – It´s a wrap!

In to the pitlane after some agressive driving in the rain. Photo by Johan Åhlund

A standard Porsche 911 GT3 RS is not a boring car to look at. But this car has been given a very nice wrapping (designed by Skepple INC) by Swedish company Wrapzone. The patinated livery in the classic Martini Racing, with rust and scratches looks quite amazing.

Push it to the limit, the GT3 RS can take it

Ready to enter the main straight at Mantorp Park. Hard on the breaks, than floor it. Photo by Johan Åhlund

The owner, Henrik really pushed it to the limit on the Mantorp Park circuit at the annual track day arranged by Autolife. Unfortunately the rain poured down, but the drivers did not care at all.

The 500 horses from its very impressive, naturally aspirated 4.0 liter engine give this “Internet celebrity ” Porsche ballistic performance. 0-100 km/h on 3,3 seconds, and 310 km/h flat out.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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