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Ferrari 308 by ATS Racing – Turbo and 570 hp…

Oh man this Ferrari 308 Turbo is one heck of a build. Some might say its sacrilegious modding a classic Ferrari 308, but when its done right, like this one built by ATS Racing then it is a glorious sight. And sound.

What we got here is a blue 1978 Ferrari 308, thats been upgraded with an awesome engine built by parts from a handful of other Ferrari models. Then ATS added a single turbo with a custom made intercooler, beefed up the suspension, upgraded the brakes and added sticky tires.

To add to the design, the front was blessed with fog lights, making it look a bit like the Ferrari 288 GTO. Lets just say that this one looks as good as the engine sounds. Power? 570HP, at the wheels. Thats slightly more than the 255hp stock engine…

Want to know some more, visit ATS Racing and have a look at Mason Bleadsell´s photos on this blue spaceship. More Ferraris on CarsAndBullshit.

Plymouth GTX 440 1970 – The power and the glory

This is a very nice 1970 Plymouth GTX 440 Cid Big Block from 1970. Photo by Johan Åhlund

This is one of my favorite American muscle cars. The 1970 Plymouth GTX 440 Cid Big Block 7,2 liter is an amazing machine. It has a lot of power and performance and it looks the part, especially with the eye-catching power bulge scoop and the air grabber hood.

The design, with its new grille and rear taillights is stunning and the sound is just amazing. It is also a quite a luxury and very comfortable car with many nice standard features. Just take a look at those wheels, the red paintwork, sportive stripes and the nice front with the yellow headlamps. Outstanding build, with all the right parts. The sportive white letter tires and original rims match the GTX perfect. When new it was considered a bargain compared to its competition.

The GTX is one of the most sought after Plymouth models ever produced. This one has the most searched after 440cui Big Block engine with an automatic gearbox and 375 horsepower (on paper and probably more in reality).

Performance figures vary but it’s probably safe to say that this car could do 0-100 km/h in 6.5 seconds. The quartermile was done at 14,4 seconds at 99 mph. Very impressive for such a big car. Remember that it is a classic, only 47 years old, and still is faster than many hot hatches. Yes, I want one. Definitely.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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Dodge Challenger R/T 440 Six Pack from 1971

This is a Dodge Challenger R/T 440 Six Pack in Plum Crazy paint from 1971. Photo taken by Johan Åhlund

This is a Dodge Challenger R/T 440 Magnum Six Pack in Plum Crazy paint from 1971. When new it was quite affordable, and it was marketed as a car for the young and adventurous. Several different engines were available and the most potent had impressive power and performance.

This 440 engine had 375 horsepower at 4600 rp/m. If this was not enough, buyers could pay a little extra to get the awesome 426 Hemi engine sporting 425 horsepower on paper. These cars are very rare and for its size seriously fast. Acceleration was quick, but hard to check.

The standard 290 horsepower Dodge Challenger 340 could easily do 0-100 km/h in 6,2 seconds. The 440 Six Pack Dodge Challenger did it around 5,5 seconds, and it could top 211 km/h. The Challenger was an icon and immortalized for its looks and performance in the 1971 movie Vanishing Point.

However this Dodge Challenger is a stunning car, especially in plum crazy metallic paint and the optional Rallye wheels.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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Koenigsegg CCR – Ängelholms third masterpiece

Koenigsegg CCR in the showroom. This is a mighty car, thats for sure. Photo : Johan Åhlund

This is the Koenigsegg CCR. A true masterpiece in engineering and performance. A Swedish supercar. The CCR was first shown at the Geneva Auto Show in march 2004. It was a new, very exciting supercar with top of the line performance.

When I visited the Swedish sports car dealer and Koenigsegg reseller Callisma at their showroom in Stockholm in 2009, this car was the major star in the showroom. With its intensive orange paint, it sure looked amazing. I don’t remember how much Callisma asked for it, but I could probably sold one of my kidneys on the spot to afford it. You only need one, right?

I recently checked the CCR´s retail price back in 2006. Back then, The CCR was priced at 570.000$. Looking back, a kidney (pickled or not) might have bought me a door handle and with a little luck maybe a Koenigsegg keyring.

The Swedish Koenigsegg CCR packs a mighty punch from the powerful v8. Photo : Johan Åhlund

The CCR was definitely a better looking car than its predecessor, the Koenigsegg CC8S. Excellent paintwork, flawless interior, lots of creative details and a mesmerizing sound from the 4.6 liter Ford V8. To achieve 806 horsepower (600 kW) at 6900 rpm, the engine is equipped with twin Rotrex Superchargers. Maximum torque is 920 Nm, (680 lb·ft) at 5700 rpm.

The CCR made some serious news the 28 February 2005. That day, Koenigsegg set the world speed record at the Nardo test track in Italy. Boy it was fast, it reached 241 mph (388 km/h). Not bad for a Swedish newcomer, it was not far from its claimed top speed of 245 mph (395 km/h). And it literally smashed the former record, of 231 mph (372 km/h) set in 1993 by the mighty McLaren F1. Impressive. And a proof that Koenigsegg was almost as fast as it was claimed to be.

The Koenigsegg CCR accelerates like a spaceship

The CCR is fairly lightweight, weighing in at 1,180 kg (2,601 lb). Its monocoque weighs just 75 kilos (165 Ib), no wonder it sets of like a missile. 0-62 mph took just 3,2 seconds (remember this was back in 2006, a time before Godzilla’s and other supercars) and the acceleration didn’t stop. 0-200 km/h (124 mph) took 9.3 seconds. The sprint 0-300 km/h (186 mph) is finished in just 24.9 seconds.

This is an extremely fast car. It can do 241 mph (388 km/h). Only 14 were made. Photo: Johan Åhlund

I was lucky to get a peek at the interior before I was given the full tour of the magnificent car. If I remember correct it was Fred Mannerfelt, who showed me the CCR when I arrived at the showroom an early morning. Excellent service, and there were several other nice cars to admire.

Later that day I also visited the lemurs of Skansen Zoo. But the CCR was on my mind all that day. And it was an absolute joy to feel, and to have a look at the orange interior, the black seats with orange cross stitching and the big telephone like dial on the center console. There were Carbon fiber as long as the eye could see, and a thick steering wheel. Damn, did I want this car.

In the workshop, Callisma also had a white Koenigsegg CCX (49 made in total), soon to be delivered to a happy owner. At the MPH-show in Stockholm in 2009 the white CCX, with Peter Sundfeldt behind the wheel scared the living daylights out of the audience when he suddenly revved it up, and let it roar.

Koenigsegg made just 14 of these. Since then, the factory has taken a quantum leap in developement and offers some of the most advanced hypercars available. Insanely fast cars, like the Agera, Agera R, Agera RS, Regera and the remarkable Koenigsegg One:1. If you thought the CCR was quick, the One:1 is capable of 0–400 km/h (248 mph) in 20 sec. The top speed is bonkers, 432km/h (268 mph). It´s also very beautiful.

At the end of the day, I still had a smile on my face. The lemurs at the zoo were nice and fun, but I think I dreamed about that car for days when I got home. I still do. I wonder what kind of roads it drives these days.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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Why don’t you visit the Koenigsegg homepage? Or perhaps you might want to visit Callisma AB for more exciting cars? Im also on DriveTribe. Follow this link and scroll down to see the posts.

Arden XKR AJ20 Coupe – A very powerful Jaguar

Arden XKR AJ20 Coupe is in many ways the perfect streetcat. Photo by Johan Åhlund

A standard Jaguar XKR isn’t exactly slow. But if you really want to spice it up, you might give Jochen Arden a call. He is very good at making English cars even better. An Arden XKR AJ20 Coupe is the ideal choice if you want to travel with style. It is also sporty in a comfortable way. It’s a rare sight and in a trip to beautiful Stockholm it suddenly appeared in front of me at the boardwalk. This is a delicious Arden XKR AJ20 Coupe. When the car was new, it was the fastest Jaguar ever made. Now it’s quite a lot way faster.

Arden beefs up the engine to 4.5 liter, then fits it with a Eaton supercharger. This results in massive performance. Now, the V8 delivers a mighty 480 horsepower. Even more impressive is it´s torque, 640 Nm at 3850 rp/m. The top speed is 305 km/h and the Arden XKR AJ20 Coupe (very long name) has also got superb acceleration. Zero to 100 km/h, takes just 4.1 seconds.

The Arden XKR is both athletic and powerful

Yes, it DO look nice even from behind. Epecially when parked in sunny Stockholm. Photo by Johan Åhlund

The outside also matches the performance, and with Arden´s aerodynamic design in combination with upgraded suspension and a sportier exhaust system, the XKR will be great to drive. It also has a refined body kit with discrete styling that makes the car look even lower. 21″ rims gives the car a wider stance and meaner look. The XKR did also sound as good as it looks. Not bad.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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The beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia…

This is so perfect. Red italian supercar with golden wheels soaking in the sun at a trackday. Photo by Johan Åhlund

It’s painted in Rosso Scuderia with very nice golden diamond rims and has lots of options. The interior is a dream in black alcantara racing seats with red stitching and red seatbelts. And it moves too, and sounds terrific.

Ferrari 458 Italia looks just amazing in Rosso Scuderia

The V8 delivers 570 bhp @ 9000 r/pm, has 540 Nm of torque @ 6000 r/pm and the DCT double clutch gearbox its fast. 0-100 km/h at 3,4 seconds, and flat out it will reach 325 km/h.

I took this picture and several others at the Autoropa Racing Day at Mantorp Park last year, and I will soon publish some other nice Italian cars from that event. Perhaps of this car when it’s flat out on the track.

Text and Photo : Johan Åhlund
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